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Understanding Chiropractic
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Understanding Chiropractic

Most Americans only think of a Chiropractor when they have back pain, but the truth is that the body acts like a garden hose. When you step on a garden hose, what happens? No water comes out and the whole system is blocked. This same theory can be applied to your body.

When your body goes through trauma or is in a disease state, flow is stopped and pain occurs or the immune system becomes compromised. Chiropractors figure out where this blockage is and uses their hands to deliver a gentle adjustment.

Services & Specialties
Traditional Chiropractic Adjustments

Traditional Chiropractic Adjustments

The Chiropractic Adjustment is one way Dr. Josh treats patients. He accomplishes this by moving the joints that are stuck. Most patients will hear a sound when this happens. Nothing is breaking or bending. What the patient actually hears is gas that has been trapped due to injury or disease.


We are always trying to improve what we do and find new technology that can help our patients get back on the wellness track quickly.

Some people prefer alternative treatments to a traditional chiropractic adjustment. At ChiroWellnessLA, we want to make sure that our patients have options. With that in mind, we have introduced the Rapid Release Technology to our treatment offerings. This soothing, high-vibrational tool helps to alleviate and eliminate scar tissue in areas that have been damaged due to overuse and injury.

This therapy is completely painless and can take less than five minutes. It has been used to treat all types of injuries, including Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, shoulder pain, knee pain, plantar fasciitis and ankle sprains, as well as aide in postural alignment.

Always seeking the latest in technology
We have multiple painless treatment options


We’re also proud to offer our patients Therapeutic Ultrasound Treatment to help repair injured areas. This type of ultrasound produces high intensity sound waves that promote faster healing to injured tissues.



Popular with athletes, but beneficial for anyone with injuries, we love the benefits of Kinesiotape. This type of adhesive tape is used to treat many injuries.

Unlike wrap-style bandages, Kinesiotape protects the injured area, while still allowing full range of motion. In addition, it helps to improve posture and increase muscle tone.


At the heart of our treatment plans, we’ve introduced a new concept at ChiroWellnessLA called Patient Functional Assessment. This new type of rehab approach focuses on why the patient was injured in the first place. Subsequently, specific exercises are given to improve healing.

Most patients are injured due to compensating for another injury and thus, other muscles can be negatively affected. Exercises are used to help improve the body as a whole in a preventive fashion, so a similar injury does not occur again.

Preventing injuries before they occur


Going to the doctor’s office can be an overwhelming experience. It’s fear of the unknown. It’s also the issue that many physicians have a so-called “foot out the door”, rushing to the next patient, which makes the patient even more uncomfortable. At ChiroWellnessLA, Dr. Josh makes it the most rewarding experience possible. He takes his time with each patient and helps them understand the true cause of their symptoms. He then uses his expertise in Chiropractic and Rehabilitation to guide them back to wellness.

At ChiroWellnessLA we promise to provide patients with the utmost respect and care. We work together to achieve the most comfortable and beneficial experience based on each patient’s specific needs and, most importantly, we promise to find a solution to the problem and prevent it from reoccurring.

Shoulder and Neck Pain
Chiropractic isn’t just for grown-ups!


Many parents tend to be apprehensive about taking their children to the Chiropractor. They wonder why their child could possibly need Chiropractic at such a young age. What parents don’t realize is that growing, active bodies can misalign, just like ours do.

When their child is properly aligned, through very gentle adjustments, their immune system will thrive. This means more time playing and in school and less time sick! With Dr. Josh, kids get a really fun and educational experience, plus all children are sent home with a toy, courtesy of Dr. Josh. (How cool is that!)

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Patient Success Stories
We’re proud to have been a part of improving the lives of many
patients. Here are what a few of them have to say in their own words…
“After suffering from a bilateral stroke I found myself battling a frozen shoulder. My Orthopedist told me it might take two years to recover using traditional physical therapy. I had heard about Dr. Josh through a friend and wanted a second opinion. His bedside manner and straight talk gave me the confidence to try traditional Chiropractic medicine, and I am happy to report that I have full range of motion back after just 8 months of treatment. As far as I am concerned, Dr. Josh has the cure for the very painful frozen shoulder.”
C.J.B., Westwood, California
“I call him “The Rib Master”. In fact, that is Dr. Naparsteks contact name in my phone. I would walk, run, drive or fly to wherever he is to have him as a Chiro. I have what’s called ” slipped rib syndrome”. One of my floater ribs likes to dislocate itself from my spine. It’s the kinda thing that takes your breath away…..painful!! I started seeing Dr. N about a year ago and I can say that I wished I had found him years ago. I was put on a consistent schedule of adjustments and he even checked in with me in the off time to see how I felt. He paid very close attention to my progress and we came up with a therapy schedule long term to help me stay on top of my rib. He didn’t just stick a bandaid on me and say hope it sticks, He helped me come up with a plan. I haven’t had a problem for around 4 months now when in the past before Dr. N, I was having to see a Chiro every couple weeks. Dr. N is innovative, communicative, current, and has a bed side manner that should be taught in every medical school. I cannot rave about him enough! I am pain free and have actually forgotten my back was ever a problem!
After you go see him, you’ll wonder where he has been all your life.
Blessing. Thank you Rib Master! I appreciate you very much!”
Heather M-E, Studio City, California
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